The office was founded in 2012, and since then it became a solid juridical structure, dedicated to high quality law and solving legal issues. Over the years we have risen to be well known for protecting the interests of our clients with diligence, promptness, and zeal, acting in an efficient, assertive and responsible manner.

Our mission is to provide legal support and service that can be both efficient and practical, according to our client’s need, and always trying to exceed the expectations.
We aim to be exceptional on excellence of service rendering, and in offering innovative
solutions in all the practice legal areas.

Our values are transparency, ethics, justice and commitment.
Our team is composed of highly skilled, experienced professionals and postgraduates, all of them well prepared to find the best possible solution for our clients’ legal problems.

Our office holds digital certification and the standard certification by the OAB, Brazil's equivalent of the Bar Association.


Our lawyers are always in search of new knowledge and standing out in the legal means with publication of books, articles and interviews.

Our team

Gracielle Colen

OAB/MG 140.335

Lawyer, founding partner of CLAM Advogados, Bachelor of Laws by Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (2012), postgraduate degree in Applied Civil Law, master’s degree in isolated discipline Topics of Family Law of the master’s program of Puc Minas, member of the Commission of the Law of Succession of the OAB of Minas Gerais and member of the Strategic Committee of Law Offices of Amcham. Experience in Private Law, with emphasis on Contracts and Law of Succession. Speaker, Enthusiast of Law, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation.

Gabriella Lopes

OAB/MG 141.328

Lawyer, a founding partner of CLAM Advogados, a Bachelor of Laws from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (2012), postgraduate in Civil Procedure, member of the Consumer Law Commission of the OAB of Minas Gerais and member of the Strategic Committee of Offices of Amcham Advocacy. Experience in Consumer Law, Real Estate and trademark and patent registration. Lecturer and lecturer of entrepreneurship course.

Raquel Reis

OAB/MG 184.281

Lawyer graduated in Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (2017); Graduate in Civil Procedural Law from IEC PUC / MG; Experience in Labor Law and Labor Procedural Law.

Melissa Gualberto

Marcella Mourão Fonseca Ferreira

OAB/MG 183.905

Formed by the University Center Newton Paiva. Post graduate in Civil Law, with specific courses in Social Security Law. Experience and performance in Social Security Law.

Márcia Ramalho


Graduated in Business Administration from Faculdade de Sabará, postgraduate in Strategic Planning / Business Management by FACE / UFMG.

Larissa Silva


Rafael Pedro Alves